Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 272


Mu Yunyao laid on the bed, her cheek resting on her arm. Her fair and flawless arms were placed together with the bruises on her face. The contrast was exceptionally intense, causing people couldn’t help but take a deep breath just by looking at her: That Miss Meng is too fierce. How much strength did she use?

“Wen Mama, do you have any instructions from Grandmother?”

“The Old Madam was not feeling well yesterday and had rested very early. This morning, she heard about Young Miss and immediately felt worried. The Old Madam had a severe headache and couldn’t even get out of bed now, so she sent this servant to visit you first.”

Mu Yunyao’s eyes flashed with a cold light. Those who didn’t know would think how much the Old Madam loved this granddaughter of hers. “Grandmother is worried about me.”

Wen Mama observed Mu Yunyao carefully, as though she wanted to read some emotion from her face, but after looking at it for a while, she couldn’t catch anything. “Young Miss, the Old Madam knows that she has treated Madam and you unfairly for all these years, so she is wholeheartedly trying to make up for it. But in the end, there are many things in the big family. Just like yesterday’s Miss Meng, even if she was against Eldest Miss, she still had to suffer. After all, Miss Meng’s grandfather was the Grand Preceptor of the Imperial Court, while her grandmother was a princess of Qingning. There were too many implications behind her actions. We can’t make the relationship stiff because of a little unhappiness. If that happens, the entire Su family will be in danger.”

After Wen Mama said this in earnest, she saw that Mu Yunyao was silent, causing people to be unable to figure out what she was thinking.

“Young Miss, the Old Madam also wanted me to tell you the rules of the Palace. The Palace is filled with nobles, so you have to be extra careful with your words and deeds. If you have any small mistakes, you can easily be held accountable.”

Only then did Mu Yunyao slightly nod her head. “Mama, please speak.”

Wen Mama slightly heaved a sigh of relief because she was willing to speak. She was afraid that Mu Yunyao would be angry and refuse to listen to anything she said. In the next hour, Wen Mama talking about what Mu Yunyao should pay attention to after entering the Palace. She also secretly persuaded Mu Yunyao not to say anything wrong, especially she couldn’t mention all that had happened in the Su family’s backyard to the Emperor.

Mu Yunyao had been quietly listening. After Wen Mama had finished speaking, she called Jin Lan in. “Wen Mama, thank you for your hard work. Jin Lan will go prepare some refreshments and let Wen Mama take a rest.”

Wen Mama stood up. “Miss Jin Lan doesn’t need to trouble herself. Young Miss’s body is injured, so she only has a bit short of energy. I’ve already finished what I needed to say. With Young Miss’s intelligence, there shouldn’t be any problems. This old servant still has to return to serve the Old Madam. I’ll take my leave.”

As for the Old Madam’s previous request to ask Mu Yunyao if she had any clothes that she could wear to the Palace, Wen Mama did not speak at all. After all, she had seen Mu Yunyao’s beautiful attire when she was in Jingling City. Just her clothes packed in several large boxes, so how could she not have suitable clothes to wear?

“Thank you, Wen Mama. I’ll have to trouble you to make a trip here personally. Jin Lan, help me send Wen Mama out.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Not long after sending Wen Mama away, Su Qing brought in a bowl of porridge. “Yao’er, your face is injured, so it would be better for your injuries to recover if you eat light.”

Mu Yunyao giggled as she sat up, “Mother, the injury on my face only looks serious on the surface, but it’s actually just a slap. It’s nothing, no need to be so careful. I don’t want to drink the porridge. I want to eat the Eight Treasures Rice that you made.”

Su Qing, however, disagreed and directly shoved the bowl into Mu Yunyao’s hands, “My daughter’s body is naturally very delicate and expensive, not to mention the injuries on her face are too extreme. You should obediently drink the porridge for two days. When the wounds are gone, you could think about anything else. Moreover, we don’t have a small kitchen in Jiyue Pavilion, so it is really a bit troublesome if you want to eat Eight Treasures Rice.”Mu Yunyao took a spoonful and tasted the porridge. She slightly frowned as she said, “It doesn’t taste good. Speaking of this kitchen is indeed a problem. Mother, you should endure it for these two days first. After some time, we’ll have our own kitchen.”

Su Qing was stunned. She then looked at Yao’er nervously, “Yao’er, why does Mother feel so flustered? You aren’t really planning to bring the incident from that day to the Emperor’s presence, right?”

Mu Yunyao blinked and nodded as if it was a matter of course, “Naturally. Didn’t the Eldest Madam only brazenly side with her niece because no one else in the Su family could handle the situation? If others can’t manage it, then the Emperor naturally can manage.”

The reason she spent so much effort and money to spread her name so that she would not be wronged. But she was injured when she arrived in the Capital, so there must be an explanation for this matter. If the Eldest Madam did not give it to her, she would ask for it herself!

“But just now, the Eldest Madam sent someone to deliver the medicinal herb, and you accepted it. Wen Mama also came to appease you, so she must want you to endure this grievance. If you were to continue bringing this matter to the Emperor, would there be anything amiss?” Su Qing was worried. They couldn’t leave the Su family for the time being. If they angered the Old Madam and the Eldest Madam because of this, she was afraid that they would be troubled in the future.

“With just a few words of consoling and medicinal herbs, you want to settle this matter peacefully? How can there be such a cheap thing exist in this world?”

“But the Emperor is the ruler of a nation. He has so much to do and manages everything every day. Would he really care about such a small matter that happened in the backyard of the Su family?”

Mu Yunyao slightly pursed her lips: “I am also not sure if the Emperor will care about it, but no matter if he does or does not care, as long as I say this grievance in front of him, the Su Family should not have any peace. As subjects of the Imperial Court, what they cared about the most was the Emperor’s opinion on them. This time, the Emperor didn’t care, then the next time I feel wronged, I’m going to tell him again. If I add it up again and again, will the Emperor not be affected at all?”

Su Qing couldn’t hold back her laughter, “It’s already fortunate that you could see the Emperor once. How can you say that you can enter the Imperial Palace and complain again and again? Do you think that the Palace belongs to you? Aiya, looking at how I spoke, I forgot to be proper for a moment...” To say that the Imperial Palace belongs to one’s own family is to be suspected of treason. She might even lose her head if she tried to rebel.

“Mother, don’t worry, I know what I should do. Even if I can’t personally come to the Palace to see the Emperor in the future, there will always be a way to spread the news.” If things got out of hand, there was also Yue Wang. At worst, she would have spent more money than usual.

Su Qing caressed Mu Yunyao’s hair and said sincerely, “Yao’er, it’s not that mother wants to make you suffer, but that you have to be careful of what you say. If you don’t say it properly, you will lose your head.”

Mu Yunyao leaned into Su Qing’s embrace, “Mother, don’t worry. I will live for a hundred years. In the future, I still need to properly respect and filial piety. How can I bear to die?”

Su Qing suppressed the tears in her eyes with great difficulty, “Fine. Mother will wait for you to be filial.”


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