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Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 492


The news of Princess Wenxian’s arrival in Linjiang City spread very quickly. It had been more than half a month since the Linjiang River burst, and the victims had been waiting for the Imperial Court’s disaster relief efforts. But this time, the disaster relief materials had yet to arrive, and even the disaster relief officials had yet to come.

Initially, they were all in despair, but Mu Yunyao’s arrival suddenly gave them hope.

With the help of the Xingshun Shipping Company, the food and medicinal herbs prepared by Bu Xian Luo and Ni Yun Fang were quickly brought over by the waterway. At the same time, Steward Qin, Wei Yi, and Yun Chun had also arrived at Linjiang City.

Steward Qin’s eyes were filled with excitement when he saw Mu Yunyao. After carefully sizing her up, he respectfully saluted and said, “Greetings, Princess Wenxian.”

Mu Yunyao revealed a smile, “Steward Qin, please excuse yourself. It’s been hard on you these past few days.”

“There’s nothing to work on. Fortunately, Bu Xian Luo saved a portion of the grains, and with the support of Ni Yun Fang, this has not delayed the business. Young Miss, quickly come and take a look. Are these food and medicinal herbs sufficient?”

Mu Yunyao received the booklet and carefully examined it, then called over Liu Liang, who had rushed back. “Linjiang City has suffered the most from this calamity, and many commoners have already gotten sick. After obtaining the medicinal ingredients, I have to keep an eye on them to suppress the disease, so I can’t leave Linjiang City for the time being. You, Wei Yi, and Yun Chun will split into two groups. You go to Huai’an City and hand over medicine materials and food to the officials of Huai’an City. While Wei Yi and Yun Chun will go to Yishui City and at least let the citizens see a glimmer of hope.” Because of Cai Yue Pavilion, Huai’an City’s officials had cleared up a group of people without restraint. The disaster wasn’t classified as severe, so the situation was still good. Sending food and medicine material over was enough to solve the urgent problem. What couldn’t she let go of was Yishui City? Yishui City originally had the flow of the Yi River. The river broke the wall and flooded into the Yi River, causing the level of the Yi River to rise severely, and a second flood directly occurred, which blocked the road into Yishui City. Now there is the minor news about Yishui City.

“Yes.” The three of them quickly responded.

Steward Qin looked around the messy city and could not help but sigh, “All these years, the Dali Dynasty has been peaceful and prosperous. Suddenly, such a serious flood happened. The scene was quite glaring.”

Mu Yunyao and Steward Qin returned to the government office, which had been temporarily cleared up. “Stewad Qin, do you heard any news from His Royal Highness Yue Wang?”

Steward Qin shook his head with a heavy expression: “I have indeed been in contact with Wang Ye after coming to Jiangnan. The account books in each residences were accurate, and the amount of tax silver was sufficient. There was no problem. He felt that something was amiss, so he found out the salt merchant and told me to investigate the news. Afterwards, he received Young Miss’s letter and brought the letter directly to Linjiang City, where we suddenly lost his traces.”

Mu Yunyao clenched the ingot pattern satchel in her hand tightly, and her eyes filled with sadness. “The letter I gave... His Royal Highness Yue Wang, which salt merchant did he get you to investigate?”

“Zhou Huai of Linjiang City, Jiang Jin of Yangzhou City...” Steward Qin clearly understood some people’s information, so he explained it in great detail.

Mu Yunyao listened attentively. Suddenly, a frown appeared on her forehead. “All these people have business with Yang Lian... So how are they now?”

Steward Qin was taken aback and immediately shook his head, “I didn’t pay much attention to them again because of the matter of Linjiang River breaking the embankment....”

“Steward Qin, you still need to supervise this matter yourself. Send more people to find traces of these people you’ve investigated and see if they’re still alive....”

“Miss, is there a problem with all these people?”

“I’m not sure either. After Yang Lian met with an accident, Jin Wang tried his best to erase the evidence of the salt tax deficit in Jiangnan. This breakout in Linjiang City could be his handiwork, as the boat carrying the salt tax silver sank on the Linjiang River. No matter how big the deficit was, there was no trace to be found. As long as those salt merchants who knew about it were killed, he could be safe and worry-free. ”

Steward Qin could not sit still any longer. He hurriedly stood up and said, “Then I’ll go investigate immediately.”

“Separate out the manpower and check Zhou Huai of Linjiang City first!”

After giving out her orders, Mu Yunyao sat in the yamen and waited for news. Soon, the official of Linjiang City hurried over, “Reporting to the Princess, Zhou Huai, who you want to investigate, the entire family has lost their lives in the flood.”

Mu Yunyao’s eyes flashed, “I understand. Thank you, I have to trouble Lord to come over. Do you have any understanding about Zhou Huai?”

“Zhou Huai was the wealthiest businessman in Linjiang City, had a great relationship with the Linjiang Governor during his lifetime, and Linjiang Garden was built by the Zhou family. To put it bluntly, Linjiang Garden is better than Bu Xian Luo, and many people of status like to go to Linjiang Garden to have fun and amuse themselves.

However, no matter how rich you are, it’s useless. With so many subordinates protecting them, isn’t the whole family buried in the flood? ”

“The whole family… Not a single member of the Zhou family escaped?”

The official was stunned, and then his expression changed slightly, “I also feel that something is amiss when the Princess said this. The entire Zhou Mansion is filled with over a hundred people, but they are all dead. This is definitely out of the ordinary.”

“You said that the Zhou family and the Governor were on good terms. Have you seen the two of them before Linjiang River broke the dam?”

“This official is not sure about that. But the Governor really likes to go to Linjiang Garden, which is the Zhou family’s territory. Even if the two of them were to meet, no one would notice.”

Mu Yunyao nodded. “I understand. I don’t know where Linjiang Garden is, but I’ll have to trouble you to guide me. I’d like to go and have a look.”

“At this time, the disaster victims have been placed in Linjiang Garden. I am afraid the Princess will probably bump when she goes.

“The victims have been resettled?”

“Yes, it’s arranged by Lord Tongzhi. It’s said that such a good place is empty. It’s better to provide it to the people.”

“Did you arrange for the victims to be settled after the river broke the wall, or was it arranged after I came?”

The official paused, “It was arranged after the Princess arrived.”

“I got it. It’s good that the victims are gathering. We can help them check if their bodies are healthy. Please, lead the way.”

The place where Linjiang Garden was located hadn’t been affected much. As spring approached, the garden was filled with life and vitality. It was as if a small garden gate had divided the space. A hundred flowers bloomed inside the door, and the scenery was beautiful, while the broken walls and debris outside the door silted up.

Mu Yunyao walked in. There weren’t many victims in the garden, and they were concentrated in one area, which did not have much impact on other places.

Linjiang Tongzhi knew that Mu Yunyao had brought people to Linjiang Garden and hurriedly rushed over. “Greetings, Princess.”

Mu Yunyao raised her eyes. “Does Lord Tongzhi live in this Linjiang Garden?”

“No, it’s not. It’s just that the victims have been placed here. This official was really worried, so I came here to help take care of them.”

Mu Yunyao looked at Linjiang Tongzhi, who had a nervous expression, and suddenly sneered. “Men, detain and interrogate him. Let him spit out everything he knows!”

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