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Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 516


The free clinic continued for nearly ten days, the pandemic in Guancheng was controlled, and there was no news of epidemic disease in the surrounding cities.

Mu Yunyao and Yue Wang decided to return to the Capital but didn’t expect a heavy rain would suddenly arrive the next day, causing the road to be covered in mud.

Yue Wang sat by the window with Mu Yunyao, with a chess board in his hand, but neither of them had any intention to play chess and only looked at the rain curtain outside absent-mindedly.

“Fourth Master, when do you think the heavy rain will stop?”

“From the looks of it, the rain won’t be able to stop today.”

Mu Yunyao turned her head, the small white jade earrings swaying slightly in her ears. “Can we only wait here?”

Yue Wang stood up, extended his hand out the window, and caught the constantly falling raindrops. “I’m afraid we won’t be able to wait much longer.”

As they talked, Yu Wang walked over with his umbrella, “Fourth Imperial Brother, Yunyao, Ling wang, and Jin Wang have come to Jiangnan. They’ve already arrived at Linjiang City, so I must go there hurriedly. You guys can set off directly and return to the Capital after the rain stops.”

Yue Wang looked at Mu Yunyao with an awkward expression. “Yao’er …”

Mu Yunyao smiled as she stood up. “Your Royal Highness, Fourth Master was talking about this just now. We will return to Linjiang City with you.” It’s difficult for Yue Wang to leave at this time. If Mu Yunyao lets Yue Wang leave now, he would not be able to calm down. She might as well go and take a look together. Maybe she could help out a little.

“You guys go over as well?”

“This heavy rain came at the wrong time. Both the Linjiang Embankment and the Yishui Embankment need to be watched. Your Royal Highness Yu Wang will definitely be busy by himself. Therefore, Fourth Master and I can share the burden.”

Yu Wang looked at Mu Yunyao with some surprise. Thinking of her usual style of doing things, he couldn’t help but praise, “Fourth Imperial Brother is truly fortunate. Since that’s the case, let’s go to Linjiang City. I’ll have someone prepare a carriage for us. Yunyao, you don’t need to ride. What do you think about this, Fourth Imperial Brother?”

“Alright.” Yue Wang looked at Mu Yunyao with warm affection and joy.

Mu Yunyao and he looked at each other, and an intangible mutual understanding flowed between them.

Soon, the carriage and luggage were packed. Mu Yunyao and the Imperial Physicians boarded the carriage and headed out of the city through the rain.

The commoners who heard the commotion opened the door to look and saw that it was Mu Yunyao and the rest who were about to leave. They immediately became anxious. “The Prince and the Princess have left!”

The sound of crying attracted more people outside the house to gather.

Mu Yunyao opened the curtain of the carriage and looked through the rain to see the anxious expressions of those people.

Yue Wang did not give the order to stop. His speed did not slow down as he stepped through the city gate while splashing water all over the ground.

Si Shu could not bear and say. “Miss, those commoners seem to be here to send us off. Shall we stop and say something?”

“We did not help the people in return for their kindness, and the gratitude in their hearts will not disappear just because we did not say goodbye. Now that the rain is so heavy, if we stay and leave any words behind, we might have made a few more people sick, which is not even worth it.” Mu Yunyao put down the curtain and leaned against the wall as she listened to the rapid rain outside, and her eyes were more worried.

Si Shu replied, “Your Royal Highness Yue Wang and Miss are the most considerate ones.”

Ling Wang and Jin Wang were sitting in the government office of Linjiang City with cold expressions. The teacups around them had long since turned completely cold.

After looking at the sky outside, Ling Wang couldn’t help but say, “I remembered a few years ago that I came to Linjiang City to inspect. At that time, it was the Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat were speeding along the river, and the people onlookers all crowded together. The momentum and the scene were especially grand, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to see it anymore now.”

Jin Wang looked at Ling Wang with a cold face but did not say a word.

Ling Wang raised the corners of his lips lightly, “Third Imperial Brother, I thought I was cruel enough, but I didn’t think I would be inferior to you. Linjiang City had been destroyed to such a state, and Yishui City was the worst affected by the disaster. Yishui City is probably in an even more miserable state now.”

“If Eldest Imperial Brother is really worried about all these, why don’t you go and take a look yourself? Why bother to make such a fuss here? Right now, they were not in the Capital, so there was no need for them to maintain their relationship on the surface. He and Ling Wang had fought for so many years and had long since clashed against each other, but they used to have to hold it. Now he doesn’t have to act. Naturally, he can do whatever he wants.

Ling Wang sneered. “Aren’t you worried about the people around you, Third Imperial Brother? Ah, I forgot. Your mother was a palace maid, and such a lowly status naturally won’t give you much vision. Thus, Third Imperial Brother will only remember to fight over the things in front of him and won’t put his eyes out for a long-term view. You said, if Imperial Father knew that in order to cover up the fact that you embezzled Jiangnan’s salt tax, you dug up the riverbank caused the people suffer, what would he do?”

Jin Wang turned his head and smiled sarcastically: “Eldest Imperial Brother, do you dare to tell this matter to Imperial Father? Don’t forget. There are also your handwritings here. My body is dirty, but you won’t be able to go anywhere clean too. If you and I fight each other, it will only benefit Yu Wang and Yue Wang! Are you willing to see such a scene?”

“Second Imperial Brother has always focused on the battlefield and has no intention to fight for the throne. As for Yue Wang, he has been exiled to Western Guangdong for many years. What can he still be capable of fighting for?”

“Eldest Imperial Brother, why didn’t I think you were this innocent before?” Jin gave a cold snort, “The Imperial Concubine, Yu Wang’s mother, has a superior position in the Imperial Palace. The Marquis of Wei, Qi Runian, is deeply trusted by Imperial Father and still holds military power. Qi Runian has three sons as one is more capable than the other, especially the Department of Revenue controlled by Qi Feng. Is there room for you and me to intervene? Yu Wang was not fighting before this, but can you guarantee he will not fight now?”
The center of Ling Wang’s eyebrows furrowed, and a dark light flashed through his eyes.

Jin Wang continued: “There is also Yue Wang. You said everything is fine. However, what did he do when he came back from Western Guangdong? He killed Meng Handong and offended the Meng family, but did Imperial Father punish him? He brought people into the Su family and killed ten of my guards, but did Imperial Father punish him? He was involved with Mu Yunyao and was treated differently by Grand Princess Yi De. First, he was in the limelight by offering porridge on New Year’s day, and he came to provide relief to Jiangnan now. When he returned to the Capital, his reputation and popularity would definitely rise again. At that time, who amongst us would be able to suppress him? He was Imperial Father’s legitimate son. Even though the Empress had died in disgrace back then, since Imperial Father hadn’t married for years, he was the only legitimate son. Therefore, it is reasonable that he has the chance to make a comeback.”

Ling Wang raised his head, his gaze exceptionally deep. “Heh, why are you telling me this? You want me to be the spear and take action against Yu Wang and Yue Wang?”

Jin Wang smiled coldly and retreated. He tidied up his clothes, put on a sophisticated appearance, and said, “Eldest Imperial Brother, what are you thinking about? Aren’t we just two brothers chatting?” Ling Wang had the least thoughtful. Furthermore, he had always been proud of being the eldest son. The one thing he could not tolerate the most was the identity of Yue Wang being the legitimate son.

The center of Ling Wang’s eyebrows twitched. He raised his teacup and shook it, then looked at Jin Wang coldly, “Even if this salted fish were to turned over, it would still not become a dragon. Third Imperial rother, don’t sow discord among the brothers. If you have the time and skill, you might as well think about how to overcome the current difficulties.”

Jin Wang pursed his lips and no longer spoke.

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