Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Pampered Poisonous Royal Wife Chapter 302


Mu Yunyao never expected that the Emperor would suddenly mention her. At this time, there was a snack in her mouth, neither swallowing nor vomiting. She looked at the throne with her eyes wide open.

The Emperor casually swept his gaze over the crowd, and when he saw her current appearance, he instantly laughed out loud. “Mu Yunyao, didn’t you hear me call you? Why aren’t you rushing forward to pay your respects? “

Mu Yunyao secretly complained. As soon as the Emperor opened his mouth, everyone’s eyes immediately focused on her. Since everyone was watching, she naturally couldn’t spit out the snack in her mouth, so she had to swallow it. She didn’t know if it was too stressful or nervous, but the small snack directly choked in her throat.

Even the Emperor didn’t expect that a few random words would actually make Mu Yunyao choke. At this moment, her cheeks were slightly red, and her eyes were full of water because of choking. She stared at them with wide eyes as if tears would flow out in the next moment, causing people to feel inexplicably happy.

The Emperor immediately laughed out loud. “Looks like the snacks in my palace are really delicious. I must get someone to reward the chef properly in the imperial kitchen.”

Upon seeing Mu Yunyao, Grand Princess Yi De’s gaze focused for a moment. The young girl in front of her had clear and beautiful eyes. Her fair face had a tinge of red to it, and her entire body exuded a sense of allure. However, she was not as kitsch as ordinary people. On the contrary, she was clear and transparent, like a piece of superior jade, which made people happy and pleasing to see.

“Emperor, don’t make fun of her. You frightened this child. Qu Mama quickly brings a cup of tea over.”

The Emperor reacted as well. His smile was slightly restrained, but he could not stop himself from saying, “That’s right. Don’t let something good come out of your mouth.”

Mu Yunyao hurriedly received the teacup from Qu Mama and knew that she had already lost face. Her attitude instead became natural as she raised the teacup and slowly swallowed the snack in her mouth. After she slightly heaved a sigh of relief, she returned the teacup to Qu Mama and bowed o say thanks, “Mu Yunyao, this humble daughter has seen the Emperor and has seen Grand Princess Yi De, thank you for saving my life. “

A favor for saving her life? This girl knew how to climb up the pole.

“I’ve heard that you’ve obtained some new Cinnabar Osmanthus. It’s rare to see them in the Capital, so why don’t you think of delivering one or two trees to me?”

If ordinary people heard this, they would be definitely frightened. However, Mu Yunyao was sensitive enough to notice that there was no anger on the Emperor’s body, and there was even a faint smile on his face, so she was not nervous at all. “Reporting to Your Majesty, the Cinnabar Osmanthus has been delivered. It’s just that it’s considerably fragile and delicate. If you can’t handle it properly, the flower will wither, so I have no intention of giving it to the Emperor.”

“Everyone who enters the Palace has prepared a gift for me, but why haven’t you done so yet?”

“In reply to the Emperor, you haven’t heard me finish it yet. You already know about the Cinnabar Osmanthus, and you also know the gifts sent by the people in Jingling City. This humble daughter did not take down the three ships’ gifts that the commoners had sent over, only thinking of giving the things on the three ships to the Emperor.”

“Isn’t it point to a name for you?” The Emperor’s expression didn’t show any signs of happiness or anger, and it only caused people to feel that his might was even more majestic.

“To reply the Emperor, under the whole world, all are kings, and within the four seas, all are kings and ministers. The Emperor is the ruler of the Dali Dynasty. This humble daughter was bestowed by the Emperor, so this is the reason she wanted to return the favor to the commoners. In the end, it is also because of you, Your Majesty. Therefore, this humble daughter is ashamed to receive those gifts. Please, the Emperor should accept them.”

“What’s on the ships?”

“In reply to the Emperor, this humble daughter does not know.”

The Emperor was stunned. Looking at Mu Yunyao’s blank and innocent eyes, he couldn’t help but feel that it was a little funny. “Enough, get up. Since you have the intention to give it to me, I will accept it. The ship was filled with food, fruits, and vegetables. It’s just so happened to allow people to distribute them to the impoverished families in the Capital. Today was the Mid-Autumn Festival. All families should reunite during the festive season, so we should let them have a hearty meal.”

“Your Majesty, if that’s the case, then this humble daughter will donate another ten thousand silver taels. It’s Ni Yun Fang and Bu Xian Luo’s profits this month. Although it’s not much, it can still help some poor citizens.”

“Forget it. You can keep it for yourself. Didn’t you say that you only had a few thousand taels of silver on you before? The expenses in every corner of the Capital are huge, so it’s not wrong to keep a few more taels of silver.”

“Yes, then this humble daughter will keep it for now. When the amount of silver accumulated in the future is too much for the Emperor to spend, I will take it out and present it to you.”

“Presumptuous!” Su Wenyuan quickly stood up and knelt down to salute the Emperor, “Please forgive me, Your Majesty. Yunyao is young, and she spoke without restraint. She was disrespectful before the Emperor and then spoke rudely. Please punish her, Your Majesty…”

Mu Yunyao also kneeled down with a look of fear on her face, but her heart filled with ice-cold killing intent. First, he said that she was disrespectful to the Emperor, then he said that she was rude to the Emperor. He could clearly feel the killing intent emitted by Su Wenyuan. He really wants me to die…

But why was all this happening? Even if she was born of low family background, in the end, Su Qing was still the daughter of the Old Madam and had the blood of the Su family flowing in her body. If she looked down upon, it would be intolerable, and she will not be brought back with her mother or for fear of causing criticism. She would be sent away with some silver, so why did he choose to take them back first and then did everything he could to kill them?

“I haven’t even said anything yet. Minister Su is making a big fuss out of nothing.” The Emperor’s gentle words made Su Wenyuan break out in cold sweat, “Everyone, get up. It’s rare for Mu Yunyao to have the mind to share my worries. If everyone could think like this, I don’t know how much effort to save.”

Mu Yunyao was still kneeling on the ground, her voice filled with stubbornness. “Your Majesty, I originally wanted to help you share your worries and repay for the many rewards you have given me. However, I didn’t think that doing this would be disrespectful in front of the Emperor, and my words would be rude. Please order me to be punished.”

The Emperor was unhappy. He had merely said a few words, yet he was disturbed and lost his interest. “You …”

“Your name is Muyun Yao, isn’t it?” You are an intelligent, astute child with a pleasant disposition. You have a rare sense of life and know how to be grateful and pure. Get up.”

The Emperor paused for a moment, then felt relieved. As the Emperor, how could he argue with a teenage child? It was also Su Wen Yuan’s fault for making such a fuss out of nothing. “My Royal Elder Sister is right. This child’s personality is straightforward. Even in front of me, she is not concealing anything and has a pure heart. It’s rare.”

“Since that’s the case, I’ll give her a reward as well.”

Mu Yunyao hurriedly kowtowed to express her gratitude. The pressure in her heart eased slightly, and she cautiously tried to make a straight impression in front of the Emperor. In this way, if anything happens in the future, she can confidently and boldly say: “As the Emperor, he may not like rigid and outspoken officials, but for a child who dares to speak and dare to do, even if he doesn’t like it, he wouldn’t make a fuss. In this way, she can do a lot of things with no trouble.